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Islamic Finance Magazine July 2022

Cover page: Dr Umar OSENI, CEO IILM (International Islamic Liquidity Corporation)
An African leader who is at the heart of liquidity management for Islamic financial institutions worldwide. Author, strategist, and experienced financial legal expert, he is constantly positioning IILM as a global reference.
How does he also intend to place IILM in this new Africa which has a growing appetite for Islamic finance
About the Magazine
Islamic Finance Magazine connects the dots of Islamic business and finance in Africa and worldwide. We bring special coverage, market analysis, trends, and experts' insights from Africa and from around the world. We gather the greatest minds to the discussions. We are creating a continental and international team of correspondents who bring to our readers and viewers clarity and the big picture from the heart of the stories.

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Sory TOURE est le directeur de publication de IFMAG. Consultant spécialiste de la finance islamique, il est aussi fondateur de Dexterity Africa.

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